ranshad company provides vehicle transportation services through its own fleet of car transporters. We specialise mainly in transportation of passenger cars but we are also capable of transporting vans or buses. We employ highly trained staff with an extensive experience in vehicle securing and transportation.

We transport both new, luxury vehicles as well as used vehicles. Upon the prior agreement, we may arrange transport of vehicles that are damaged or no longer in use.


Our fleet complies with all requirements and standards such as Euro 5 and Euro 6 as well as the highest production plant requirements of renowned manufacturers such as Volkswagen or Mercedes.

We offer our transportation services all over Europe, but our car transporters operate mostly in the Western Europe region, where they render transportation services from such countries as Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Benelux.

We provide both full transportation and partial transportation which may include a few cars only.

We encourage you to contact our forwarding department. Our staff will be pleased to answer all your questions and offer you professional advice and support at every stage while arranging your transport and during transportation itself.

We guarantee the shortest delivery times!

Every single order is carefully analysed by our forwarding department with consideration of such factors as: manning (single or double), number of loading places, destination, weather conditions and season. Such analysis allows us to provide our customers with a reliable terms and conditions as well as to avoid unpredictable delays.


Why to choose Transhad?

We ensure safe and timely delivery of cargo,
We monitor transported vehicles 24/7 with GPS system,
We check every vehicle’s technical condition before loading,
We draw up full documentation related to transportation,
We ensure confidentiality and data protection,
We provide our transportation services all over Europe,
We offer transportation services from 2 to 12 vehicles per transport,
We design logistics plan,
We supervise transportation and forwarding process,
We offer a modern fleet of car transporters.